New meta

Good news everyone!

Today we are ready to present you something special, great and fantastic. But before that let us tell you about our game status.

Firstly, Vladimir returned from the vacation and dived into developing models. When he finished the first model in this year, I asked him what did he feel. And Vladimir said: "I feel rested and got rid of the desire to kill everyone who invented this complex models, but I didn't forget how to do my job". We had a long conversation about making models, Cinema 4D and the future of this important part of project and we will published it next time. For now, Vladimir is working on the CS:GO models scope and more than half of them are ready.

Secondly, we finished to move the game client to the Unity engine. It was a good experience, we did it almost without any problems, apart from Unity's own bugs (sadly, this game engine has a lot of bugs and some of them are very frustrating). But Freemium Simulator client works and looks well now, we have the full power of effects and 3D and we able to add new features a bit faster than before.

Thirdly we had the breakthrough in the game design. After tens of calls, discussing and rewriting GDD we obtained a complete picture of the new Freemium Simulator gameplay. And it's totally different than our first concept. We found the missing part of gameplay. We connected all game parts together. And we are ready to present it. Enjoy!

What is behind this button?

More info comes in one of the next updates. See you soon.